Al Harris

Al Harris is a seasoned business director who has culminated over 25 years of hands-on experience in the field.  His expertise has led him to consult for a plethora of companies ranging from federal agencies and government entities like the U.S. Army to global brands like Nike.

As a teenager, Marc’s affinity for management was realized through the launch of a building maintenance company. Then after successfully creating and running multiple small businesses, Marc set his sights on the fashion industry. He partnered with Shih Kang of AP Clothing. This small clothing company quickly grew, developing brands for big-box distribution; as well as consulting, designing, and manufacturing merchandise for local and national clothing brands, Fortune 500 companies and Major label artists.

AP Clothing is a division of APBG, a full-fledged branding and consulting firm, adding video and audio production services to their designing, sourcing, printing and fulfillment capabilities. As APBG continues to supplement its service model with creative attributes necessary for every industry, Marc is at the helm steering the course for the projects that APBG undertakes.