Prentis Brown


 There’s not a single piece of creative medium traditional or digital that Prentis Brown hasn’t touched within his career. With over 17 years of professional design and music production experience, Prentis has been instrumental in helping to shape the brands of various artists, start-up companies and fortune 50 corporate brands. 
Growing up as a North Carolina Native and a military kid, Prentis moved around often, even living in Japan and Flordia for a few years. He attended SCAD Atlanta for college where he received his BFA in animation, and later a Diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute. He worked as an Art Director at Tree Sound Studios where he helped with digital co-branding for companies such as Heineken, Jose Cuervo, Jameson and a variety of major/Indie label artists. After working in the creative space as an Art Director, Prentis transitioned into the tech world operating as a Lead Product Designer, where he designed desktop and mobile application experiences for companies such as Home Depot, Anthem Inc., and Costar Group. His resume doesn’t stop with design, but he also produced music for various artists and national television commercials.